Originally, New Challenge Discovery was an ecotourism agency created by 2 young Lao guys which aim was to offer an authentic experience to their customer whilst providing a much needed benefit to the community in educational and environmental initiatives.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of funds, the agency is temporary closed, but Jeune, the owner, is still acting to raise funds to provide school material for rural schools located around Huay Xai in Bokeo Province (Phou Van village, Stu villages, Vang Lek village and others…). The money will allow him to buy reading books, note books, pens and computers. His aim is also to build dormitories in high schools to allow children from rural villages to go study in the cities, build libraries to give access to children to literature and knowledge and still teach english to the children.


Hi, I am Jeune. I was growing up in the north of Laos. In 2006 I finished high school. After finishing I worked in a restaurant and at Gibbon Experience to make my dream come true: Together with some friends I established my own company called the NEW CHALLENGE DISCOVERY, an Ecotourism Agency. The funds we got through the jungle and kayak trips were used to support the children in the villages like providing them education, school materials, pencils, books and English lessons. But, unfortunately in April 2018 we had to close our agency because we didn’t have enough budget to pay taxes. I love my project and I wish I could keep going on but it is impossible for me now without support. Our children are the future and we need educated people for the country. This is why this project is so important for me, to enable a better future for the new generation.


Join our group and help us with 1 € per month.



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